Aurora 315W CMH (All-In-One) - Kits & Full Kits - Grow Lighting


Top of the range HID fixtures with the capability of external control, for residential voltage 240V and three phase systems 400V.


Features included in the new HID fixtures range

Available with or without lamps, these HID fixture’s ballast can also be disconnected from the reflector and used remotely for more flexibility.
November 22, 2019

Utopia 630W/600W DE CMH/HPS Fixture

November 22, 2019

Utopia 1000W DE HPS Fixture

November 8, 2019

Aurora 315W CMH (All-In-One)


Ideal for large Commercial Greenhouse Projects, our versatile 400V Current Fixtures range will surely satisfy your needs. From the most basic and simple fixture (SEB) to a more innovative one that can be Dimmed and Controlled with our Digital Panel Plus 2.0 (Commercial Fixtures), or even a tailored product, we will achieve the final goal, results! These products are available for direct factory orders.


PRODUCE LESS HEAT; Less heat generated by the E-Ballasts/Fixtures makes temperature control easier and allows cooler running of the environment

FAST START-UP; Lumatek E-Ballasts/Fixtures will reach full brightness in under one minute.

LONGER BULB LIFE; Lumatek E-Ballasts/Fixtures output over time, will preserve the lamp’s lifetime.

FULLY INTERCHANGEABLE; Lumatek E-Ballasts can light HPS, MH and CMH bulbs up to 1000W.

STABLE LIGHT OUTPUT; Excellent for Pharmaceutical-agriculture, laboratories and other uses where precise regularized output is essential.

FULL CIRCUIT PROTECTION; Automatically monitor and protect against open/short circuit, over temperature, over/low voltage, end of lamp life/rectification for ultimate safety.

SMALL COMPACT DESIGN; Lumatek 600W 240V E-Ballast weights 3.0 kilos only.

COMPLETELY SILENT; No noise or vibration of any kind.