LUMATEK 100W Pro Full-Spectrum Magnet LED Light Bar for use with Zeus 600W Pro LED Fixture

100W Pro LED bar only to be used with compatible Zeus 600W Pro Driver/Fixture


Product Code: LUMLED005

Efficacy: 2.7 µmol/J
PPF: 270 µmol/s
Input Voltage: 52V DC
Power Consumption: 100W
Waterproof: IP65
Lifetime: 60 000 Hrs
Light Distribution: 120°
Light Source: Osram & LUMLED Diodes
Weight: 0,95 Kg
Dimensions: 1167.4 x 52.6 x 29 mm
Spectrum: Full Spectrum F

SPD graph: Full spectrum F
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Benefits include energy savings; Lumatek LED solutions demonstrate the potential to save 40% on electricity and studies indicate that LED-lit canopies can generate more yield per kWh.

Plant and crop performance; initial studies indicate growers using LED lighting may experience yield increases and changes in cannabinoid and terpene profiles, leading to more consistent medicinal product profiles from harvest to harvest.

Less maintenance; Lumatek LEDs are rated for 60,000 hours use supported by a market leading 5 Year warranty.

Reduced HVAC; Lumatek LEDs are highly efficient and less wattage equals less heat into the space, allowing for potentially lower HVAC loads and operating expense.

Safety; Lumatek LED drivers are intelligent and feature full circuit protection including over/under voltage, short circuit and over temperature protection. Lumatek Zeus LED drivers also feature auto-power increase/decrease to match the amount of light bars connected to fixture. All Lumatek LED fixtures are CE certified LVD and EMC compliant.

Flexible light intensity; Lumatek LEDs can be dimmed to adjust PPF level to suit crop and growth stage without changing spectral power distribution or losing efficiency.

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