Lumatek  Shipping  Policy

We are pleased to hear that you are interested in Lumatek products. The following are the terms and conditions that make up our Shipping Policy.

Place an order
Contact us by phone or e-mail (orders@lumatek.co.uk) with the details of the products you wish to order so that stock can be validated.
It is recommended to use the Product Codes present on our support documents to identify the product you wish to order.

Shipment processing time
The orders will be processed in the shortest possible time, and a proforma invoice will be prepared and sent by email for your review and approval.

Orders are not sent or delivered on weekends or holidays.

Shipping  rates  and delivery  estimates
Shipping  costs  will  be  calculated  according  to  the  volume  of  the  order  and  final destination, and they will be detailed on the invoice.

Shipping  time depends on the country of destination and may vary from 2 to 8 working days inside Europe. Further details can be provided by our sales team.

Drop shipping
From Lumatek we can consider the possibility of the order being sent directly to your customer with an extra 7.5% on the total of the invoice.

If you prefer, you can also choose to proceed via your own courier and schedule the collection of the order at our warehouse. In this way, no extra shipping costs will be applied on your invoice. We would need to know the name of the courier that will collect the order and when they will come at our premises so to be sure to have the order prepared in time. Shipping label are not strictly necessary but of great help. Please note that our warehouse receiving and pick up times are as follows: 9-13/14-17 – Monday – Friday (Portuguese time)

Payment & Order confirmation
Once the order have been confirmed and the shipment costs have been calculated accordingly to the volume of the order and the final destination, we will  send you a proforma with the bank details.

At the moment we only accept bank transfers.

For the first orders, we will wait for the transfer to enter into our account before shipping.

Please send us a proof of purchase (POP) for your order, this will allow us to better ID your transference.

Shipment confirmation & Order tracking
You will receive a Shipment Confirmation email once your order has shipped containing your tracking number(s) and the final invoice. The tracking number could take up to 24 hours to be activated.

Shipment information & Doubts
Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or doubt regarding the shipment of your order,

Please contact your sales representative or the warehouse team at info@lumatek.co.uk

Returns Policy
Lumatek Warranty is market leading, Failed product under warranty will be replaced or credited. Please save your receipt as a copy is required for all warranty services.

The Warranty period is from purchase, or from manufactured date.

Lumatek products are known for their quality and the warranty we want to offer our customers. Please guarantee the customer that a failed product during the  warranty period will be repaired or replaced. In case a repair or replacement is not possible, a credit will be made for a future purchase.

The warranty period corresponds to the date of purchase of the product. Please advise all customers to keep their invoice / proof of purchase so that all warranty services are insured.

Lumatek Warranty
Lumatek warrants the mechanical and electronic components of their product to be free of defects in material and workmanship if used under normal operating conditions.

If the product shows any defects within this period and that defect is not due to user error or improper use Lumatek shall, at its discretion, either replace or repair the product using suitable new or reconditioned products or parts. In case Lumatek decides to replace the entire product, this limited warranty shall apply to the replacement product for the remaining initial warranty period, from the date of purchase of the original product.

In case you receive a Lumatek equipment that is said to be defective, please assure the customer that you will replace the equipment with a new one after some screening tests

It is necessary to ensure that the equipment is within the warranty period, through the invoice or proof of purchase:

  • Ballasts – 5 Years
  • Lamps – 1 Year
  • Reflectors – 3 Years (only Tekken PRO both SE and DE, the other models 1 year)
  • HID Accessories – 1 Year
  • LED: Attis – 3 Years
  • LED: Zeus – 5 years
  • LED: Accessories – 1 year
  • Control Panel (HID, HID + LED, HID + LED 2,0) – 3 years

Ballast Warranty
Lumatek has a returns rate of less than 1% on all ballasts. We will credit you immediately for any returns you accept that is within its warranty period.

To determine if a ballast is within its warranty period please follow the steps below, in order;

  • Please be sure that the unit is within its warranty period. A purchase receipt or other proof of purchase is best.
  • If proof of purchase is not available then the serial number of the unit (usually located on the endplates opposite to the dimmer) will indicate the year and month of manufacture. E.g;
  • If the Unit you are assessing does not have the shown serial number format, it is NOT within the warranty period.

Please contact us if you are unsure of the warranty condition, we will be happy to help.

If the unit is in its fourth (4th) or fifth (5th) year of warranty then please direct the customer to contact us, our support team will then resolve the issue directly with the customer.

If the ballast is over five year period then the warranty is expired.

Now that you have checked the warranty status you can proceed to carry out a number of quick and easy tests to determine if the unit is faulty and if it is worth the transport and emission costs to send it to one of our warehouses.

The tests are in order as follows;

  1. Check all the connections.
  2. If reset button is present, please press-in it when the ballast is unplugged from the power supply and try again.
  3. Plug-in the ballast (without a timer) and test with a suitable lamp (Lumatek, Osram, Sylvania, Powerplant or GIB Lighting).
  4. Check the fuse in the plug if applicable (UK only) and try again.

Check the flashlight next to the plug, if there is one, will emit a light signal with a certain number of flashes. Considering the number of lights signals it is possible to obtain the following feedbacks:

  • 1 Flash: Ballast Locked (Maximum number of ignitions attempts without success)
  • 2 Flashes: Cycle Error (Lamp stopped for unknown reason)
  • 3 Flashes: Low Mains (Mains voltage too low)
  • 4 Flashes: Over Temperature (Maximum driver temperature exceeded)
  • 5 Flashes: High Mains (Mains voltage too high)

If the Ballast does not work after these tests, the Ballast is defective. Please assure the customer that the equipment is replaced with a New Lumatek Ballast.

If the Ballast works correctly and does not show errors in the above tests, then the Ballast is not Faulty.

Dimming Faults: If the ballast Lights but does not appear to dim when the settings are changed, please allow 90 seconds for the lamp to fully adjust at each setting. Then, please test/confirm with a light meter as the change will not be visible with the naked eye.
If the unit does not work after carrying out these tests then the ballast is faulty.

Lamp Warranty

On each Lumatek lamp, you can find the production time code, (e.g. 12C in the picture), means this lamp was produced on 2017/12

‘A’ means 2015
‘B’ 2016
‘C’ 2017
‘D’ 2018
‘1’ means January
‘2’ February
‘3’ March

Therefore, in the picture above, 12C means this lamp was produced in December 2017

This way we can see the manufacturer date and send you a replacement or credit note if the bulb is under the manufacturer warranty.

It  is  part  of  our  policy  to  ensure  the  guarantee  conditions  of  the  products  and  it  is important that the customer has confidence in the Lumatek Brand and our guarantee.

Please immediately replace the customers unit like-for-like with a new Lumatek ballast. After the initial problem is resolved and the customer is then satisfied, please proceed to contact us directly.

Should you receive any defective product, please send it to our warehouse so that our technical team can carry out the appropriate tests.

We will send a replacement unit together with the next order or credit the cost of the defective product on your current account with us and will be discounted on your next purchase.

It is vital that customer satisfaction is upheld to a high standard.

If you have any questions, please contact the representative of your geographical area or the returns department, we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Shipping addresses

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Tel: +351 262 832 099

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Canterbury Rd, Ashford.
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